Grey Water Systems

Grey Water Introduction

In South Africa, municipal water use, which includes domestic water and water used in the garden, is indicated at being 27% of the total water used. A major component of domestic water consumption is gardening, estimated at 31-50% of the total water use. The use of water for gardening could be reduced drastically if homeowners implement the following initiatives:

• use of water-wise gardening concepts and droughtresistant indigenous plants;

• mulching of soil to preserve soil moisture;

• efficient irrigation systems and irrigation scheduling;

• rainwater harvesting and

• the reuse of wastewater (greywater);

• Soil improvement processes e.g. composting. Greywater presents a potentially suitable water resource that can be used for irrigating certain plants such as flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns in home gardens.

What is Grey Water?

Greywater from the bathroom (handbasin, shower and bath) presents the best source of greywater for irrigation where greywater is separated by source, as it is considered to be the least contaminated of all the greywater in the home. Water from your toilet, which is considered black water, is not suitable for any reuse in or around your home.

Grey Water Quality.

National legislation does not prohibit the reuse of greywater and, at present, there are no formal standards or guidelines for the reuse of greywater for irrigation in South Africa. The disposal of wastewater is subject to regulations and by-laws of relevant local councils and as there is currently no known regulation or by-law prohibiting the reuse of greywater in the Rand Water supply area, greywater can be reused. However, use must not contravene the National Health Act 61 of 2003 and allow greywater to create a nuisance, which is defined as fly/mosquito breeding, objectionable odours, the surface ponding of water and/or the entry of polluted water onto a neighbouring property.

Grey Water Systems.

The best solution for the reuse of greywater of households in sewered areas is to reuse greywater in such a manner that it does not need any treatment at all. The reason for this is that household greywater is regarded as the best for reuse because of its relatively clean nature and does not require any further cleaning.


Forever pure water grey water system:


Our systems consist of a collection tank with a filter to catch most of the hair and bigger particles before reaching the tanks bottom.
As the water level rises the pump start automatically pumping the water out with a 20mm hosepipe with a sprayer, witch irrigate about 6m in diameter, the pump stop automatically when the tank is empty. If there is no electricity the water levels to the over flow that lead to a drainpipe.

Pump and filter inside tank

120 Litre system R4450 vat incl (without installation)

260 Litre system (Custom made)

Industrial system 500 Liter (custom made)

 Before Using Grey Water…

9 December 2015

9 December 2015

 After using Grey Water…

10 March 2016

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