Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems

Reverse osmosis, is regarded as one of the most  convenient and effective methods of filtering water.  During this process water pressure forces water molecules through a 0.0001-micron semi-permeable membrane.  Substances left behind are automatically diverted to a waste drain so that they do not build up in the system as is the case with conventional filtering devices.


This is accomplished by using a part of the unprocessed water (feed water) to carry away the rejected substances to the drain, thus keeping the membrane clean.Ratio of 1 Liter purified water to 1.5 Liter waist water. This is the reason why reverse osmosis membranes can last very long and perform like new with minimum maintenance, even after years of operation.
System needs constant water pressure of at least 3 Barr.

Industrial reverse osmosis

Our industrial reverse osmosis system can be implemented by chicken farms, the wine industry and mines, while can also be used as a paint catalyst, or for the bottling of water and the mixing of beverages.


4×4 and caravan kit

Forever Pure Water also has a mobile reverse osmosis system available that can be used to purify drinking water during outdoor ventures such as camping, caravanning and 4×4 trips.