Water Softners

The water softener units provided by Forever Pure Water physically removes all calcium and magnesium salts from water and can be used in any domestic or industrial environment where the benefits of soft water are essential, for example, at home, in dairies, by facilities with boilers, etc.  The benefits of soft water are the following:

  • softer skin
  • silkier hair
  • tastier beverages
  • cleaner dishes, pipes ad geysers

Low pressure softeners

Our units are made of fiberglass and work on low water pressure – usually from a reservoir or tank placed 3 – 25m above ground level.  The main benefits of our units are that they have no wearing parts, do not require electricity to operate, are completely corrosion free and have a long lifespan.


Units have a large softening capacity ensuring a long working cycle before the softener needs to be regenerated.  This is done by physically putting coarse salt into the softener and rinsing.  The duration of a working cycle from regeneration to regeneration is determined by factors such as the extent of calcium and magnesium salts present and the amount of water to be softened.


High pressure softeners

State of the art aquatronic high pressure water softeners are available in different sizes, from 25 litre vessels to 200 litre vessels with a variety of valves sizes included.  These high pressure softeners have a capacity of 3 000 – 20 000 litre per hour and can handle a maximum pressure of 10 bar.